Too Many Cooks Spoil the Melting Pot

Evolution of a show by 6 writers at the Second City's Training Center in Chicago

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Time for another stroll down Kyle Lane...

This just in from Kyle:

I have a show this weekend in Lincoln Park at the Vida Lounge -- it's a new room we're starting.

It's at 1248 W.George St -- basically Lincoln and George -- and it's this Friday the 8th, beginning at 8pm. Would love to see all you guys. We need a good audience because TimeOut magazine is coming to review us.

I also have a pilot that is premiering at the Musicbox theatre on July 20th at 10:30pm. We pitched it to all the networks so it's kind of a big deal. Would also love to see all you guys there.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Megan's new show!

Gettin' Paid, an Improvised Musical

The Second City Training Center proudly present:

An Improvised Musical

directed by Mike Descoteaux — music by Stephanie McCullough

June 3 - June 17*

Donny's Skybox
The Second City
(Pipers Alley, North Avenue at Wells -- enter off North and take the escalators and stairs up til you can't no more)
$10 ($8/students; $5/Second City Training Center students)

**a Sunday night double-header followed by the Second City Music Improv House Ensemble**

Buy tickets



go to:
The Second City Box Office, 1616 N Wells.

A double bill of original improv and sketch comedy every Sunday.

From SC's Web site: "The Second City Training Center presents Gettin' Paid: An Improvised Musical - a production that explores the hilarity in everyday, slice-of-life situations and relationships at the 2nd/4th Bank. Performed by graduates of the Second City Training Center's Music Improvisation Program, the show offers an action-packed set of improvised scenes, songs, dance, and satire performed by some of the sharpest musical talents in the city."

followed by

The Music Improv House Ensemble (open run)

From the SC Web site: "The Second City Musical Improv House Ensemble is a showcase for some of the best singprov talent in the city. Starring improvisers from every musical troupe in Chicago, this bonanza of short-form mastery will change the world, one hilarious improvised song at a time. "